Stellar Style

Linen HeadboardInvest in worthwhile pieces.

This is the time-tested advice of fashionistas when it comes to your wardrobe. A great pair of black heels, the perfect dress and a crisp white shirt will carry you far. Then you can indulge in trends by buying scarves, earrings and other pieces that offer less staying power.

The same holds true for your home. Take time to find your style and invest in a well-built sofa and hand-knotted rug. These pieces will give you pleasure and great service for many years. Accessories come and go, but the basic wardrobe of your home shouldn’t be left to chance.

When you are looking at a staple – something to build your room around – ask yourself if you will still love the color and style in 5, 10 or even 15 years. Although this may lead to more conservative choices, it is comparable to spending a large part of your clothing budget on a pair of shoes in a shocking blue or wild pattern that offers little versatility.

It’s worth waiting for the right piece to come along, and it will be the foundation of the most important statement of all – your home!

Visit us in the showroom, or online, for the building blocks of your style.

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