Lofty measures: How to infuse loft-style in your space

We all seem to be drawn to the laid-back, artsy atmosphere of loft design. But if you have a home full of traditional – or wore, dated – pieces, it can be daunting to find a starting point.

If you aren’t ready to sink major money into stripping your floors, installing beams or refurnishing your entire home, start small.

The easiest way to give your home a more current feel is with reclaimed or distressed wood. Perhaps you can pair a distressed dining table with more traditional chairs, or work in a cocktail table that is rustic, yet refined.

The key is to start with one piece and build your look from there. And don’t overlook the power of accessories. Whether it’s mercury glass for a bit of glam or a well-worn urn, the “jewelry” of your room can go a long way toward setting the right tone.

Not sure where to start? Call or visit us at Good’s and let one of our talented designers lead you to a more comfortable, cool style!


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