Top Tips Shopping for Wood Furniture

Quality wood furniture will last a lifetime – and beyond.  Any antique store offers ample proof of that.  Although quality can be easier to see in wood furniture than in upholstery, there are some things you should know before buying furniture made of wood.

1. Test all moving parts such as drawers, trays, doors, adjustable shelves and table leaves. Make sure they move easily and fit properly.

2. Inspect the underside of furniture.  Joints sould be reinforced with screws and nails. Heavier pieces should have triangular corner blocks.

3. Dining chairs should feel heavy and substantial.  Finish is a matter of personal preference, both in tone and sheen, but whatever the finish, it should have a right glow.

4. The grain should be uniform, flowing pleasing, across the piece.  And don’t think solid-wood furniture is necessarily better than furniture that is veneered.  Most furniture  is veneer construction with solid-wood parts.  That combination can be more durable and stronger than all solid wood.

5. Although not usually finished , the back should be sanded smooth and panels should be inserted and screwed into the frame.

6. Avoid placing wood furniture directly in the past of a heat source.  Overexposure to sunlight also can adversely affect the finish.  Simply rearrange your furniture from time to time and rotate your accessories.

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